I visited LA, California for the very first time and I had a fabulous time. On a connecting flight, I met a woman whom looked like my friend’s (Mimi) mother. We talked for a good half hour and I took a photo with her. She’s a teacher helping inmates to get their GED. I thought that was wonderful what she did. Her name is Mary.

LA is too robust for me. Too fast, too MUCH for me to handle. I like Florida. Florida is my home. LA is a nice place to visit once in a while but if I had to live there, I would go crazy! Well maybe I’m over exaggerating because I don’t live there, I ‘Partied’ there and so It seems a little too fast for me. I do like the shops there though. We all went to get foot massages for 15USD an hour. OMG that’s darn cheap!!! I would love to do that everyday! There are a lot of brothels there too! Happy endings galore! Surprising how they don’t get caught so easily as the ones over here.