I’m over here in Maryland and I am relieved that I went. We made good time driving here together and I wasn’t bored I bit. I slept and drove- we took turns. I hate driving in general and I once had a dedicated driver=) It’s okay, I’ll hire a maid for that. There were a lot of strange things I saw during my trip here. I saw signs warning drivers of speed traps most noticeably. I thought that was odd. What I found most odd was that during my many pit stops to unanimous gas stations one in particular station had the 93 octane gas handle covered with cob webs- it was intertwined in the handle. That is a dead give away that people around town don’t purchase 93 octane gasoline. It’s way too expensive and even myself, purchase 87 octane.

This road trip was opted because two flights and a car rental is three times our gas expenses. This way, we saved money and spend some quality time driving up here :::sigh:::. I would imagine going up here all the time would be a pain in the butt. When I do settle up here, I will take a train up here and drive the rest of the way to my destination. I hope my companion can accompany me. Part of me wants them to get the position and part of me wants them to come along. I would rather them get the position because I know that would make them happy but I guess my happiness can always be on the back burners. I don’t have a problem with that. If I don’t see them during that week, I probably won’t see them for a long time. She’s my best friend:)

Anywho, I derailed a bit there. I have a photo I took and I can’t upload it because I don’t have the card reader for the pro duo card. I had put it aside to bring along with me but incidentally, I forgot it. That was the only thing I forgot. The next time, I should write down a list of things I need to bring along, cross reference it before I step out the door and I should be alright! I’m tired. I got another six hours of driving to do tomorrow before I finally reach my destination. Then I shall look for apartments. Got to have good pickings before they are all gone and I would have to settle for mediocre choices.

I forgot to mention that I also noticed the water in Maryland has a very strong chlorine odor. I turned on the faucet and I can smell the chlorine. I asked my buddy that lives there and he says he doesn’t smell anything. He’s use to it. I can tell a difference because at home in Florida, the chlorine in the water has a very neutral odor compared to Maryland’s.