When they do, they are more likely to lie to you and make up excuses. Lie even underneath your nose- right in front of your face. It’s never okay to hang out with people whom like you, especially one on one. It’s not okay to hang out with prior ex’s. It’s not okay to lie about it. Just don’t do it at all…

If someone truly loved you for all that you were worth, nothing could stop them from loving you. Not even their parents, not even distance, not even other rivals. It only happens by chance, when they have fallen out of love and no longer are in love with you. Then they start talking to other people- even the ones that like them.

I completely understand this. It’s true, no glove no love. There’s no such thing as hanging out with other males other than yourself. If you do, take your bf/gf with you. If you loved them so tenderly,  you wouldn’t do such a thing. Everyone has their own views and mine seems too up tight but if I were to do such things, all hell would break loose. It’s okay if they do it- go figure -.

I gave it my all and it’s a no go. Perhaps it’s time to let the things you love most go their own path, lead their own direction, and be on their own or find a new love. I don’t expect anything extraordinary nor a miracle. Those hours have passed and I’m alone at the currents’ mercy. It would have been a year by now within the coming weeks.

I enjoyed our time together. I have no regrets. Love is a risk. Love is like a seed that you implant into the person you love and hope that it grows as you nurture it ever so tenderly. Within the many coming winters, reaping the benefits is grand. Sometimes love isn’t like that. Sometimes the plant wilts and no longer yearns for your company and you die with it.

Love sometimes is like the water washing over the rocks underneath a river bed. Sometimes you are swept away with it and other times you are drowned upon it. If you have it really bad, you’ll be torn in two worlds. Is that something not to risk for? I would risk it over and over again just so I might find that one special ripple even if I had to be torn to bits ten folds.