I haven’t done anything today and I feel lethargic: today and yesterday. I have not done any homework and I feel great! Spring break officially begun today and I’m glad for the short break. Nothing really exciting- just another day not going to school but instead, it’s going to be a week of playing hooky (not on those lazy days, they don’t count).

Today was nice! I picked up more steel tubing for my shelves I promised myself I would get done- last week! I’ll catch up this weekend though. I got 60ft of steel to make a sign to hook on the back bed of my vehicle. I can’t wait to get that done but without a working saw, it makes the process a little harder than necessary. The blade on my chop saw is very dull and a new one is coming in its place next Wednesday. I can’t wait that long! That’s very long for shipping, especially for a saw blade. I guess I’ll make due with abrasive disks this weekend. I hate using abrasive disks because they are so dirty and toss fairy dust all around my shop! Breathing that crap in is deadly… But I don’t have that problem… I cut outside where theres a little draft and I’m not in front of that draft=)

Man, I wish I had money that were dispensable: I would get a cold saw or a nice bandsaw. I think I should get a bandsaw. More versatile and less expensive than a cold saw. Cold saws are awesome. I begun to make one but realized that it was too flimsy. The cheapest one weighs around 500-700lbs and the one I made weighed 25lbs? (lol). I have a lot of projects that I work on and I love using my welder to complete these things. Well got to tinker!