Nature of Technology: Life science, it’s fluid and will never end. We are made of molecules and thus so, are always shifting: so do our technology advances. The nature of technology in a sense is like a glass of water. Water forms to whatever inanimate object your poor it in. Looking back at history, though I don’t know the preciseness, I know that penicillin was one of our greatest advances in technology in medicine. With every good advantage, there is always a side effect. With modern medicine, people live longer than what nature intended- farther inducing our economy to use more pesticides to produce the volume of crops we need to sustain life and thus, taking up further more space than what earth can provide. Weaponry advances have also crippled our lands and put many countries at war over peanuts and religion; polluted the land with chemical waste and etc… Give and take… Pick your choice of POISON.

Nature of society and the interactions amongst them: This is a tough one: we are all so different. Some are black as night and some are white as pearls. Others are in-between and some are purple. Regardless, religion, race, backgrounds- they all separate us in class and form entities amongst crowds of vultures. We will always regard each other with respect but stand a country or continent away in mockery (which isn’t right by any means).
Christian: You are muslim? Wonderful! (OMG these guys are so screwed up in the head)
Muslim: You are Christian? Wonderful!(Fools each pork? What?)
Buddhism: You are Mormon? (You know, there’s 19 levels of hell and I’m sure one of them will fit your fancy)
Morman: You are a Buddhist? (How many levels of hell do you people believe in- reincarnation? Savages)

See where I’m getting at? We as a society, separated by miles and the earths cracks we now call rivers and oceans, are plagued with senseless and ignorant history passed down from our forefathers which clouds our thoughts and blurs our perceptions of “unity”. Till this very day, we are still segregated by sex, race, religion and class and it will never end. Our interactions amongst each other, like water,is constantly changing but the history remains. Our society together with other societies, don’t see eye to eye and are always stressed in our relationship to stay out of each other’s hair. I maybe be going out on a stretch talking about society as in the “world” but society in our own country is too contained thus isn’t interesting enough for me to talk about.