USF has a lot of students attending classes during the morning and early-afternoon. I hate to admit but parking is horrendous! On my luckier days, I would find parking extremely easy- I task not everyone succeeds in and today was my unlucky day. Couldn’t find parking anywhere!!!

I was at school thirty minutes early and rode my brakes till 11:20AM. What time does class convene? 11:00AM. Isn’t that beautiful? There are many things I would love to hate and being late to anything is one of them.

USF needs to get their act together! They are in the midst of building a garage for student parking and I’m sure that will alleviate a lot of the stress that students go through to find decent parking. I’m sure it will fill up as quickly as if we didn’t have the newly rectified garage- for rather, a rectified solution. How ironic. As I see here, I think it will not fill up as quickly as I theorize because I see at least 100 cars zooming around for parking and of those 100 cars, there’s bound to be one spot for me to find parking!

My professor of ecology found out how USF mapped their parking plans… I forgot the exact specifics but it’s something that goes like this… For 1000 parking spaces, USF allows 3000 students to utilize the under-ill-equiped-non-supporting parking spaces. USF figures that at any point in time, 3000 students will not all require parking thus they use TIME to play the course of meandering through volleys of cars and the task of snaking in between them. Wonderful isn’t it?