Been a long week! I just got back from a football game and I’m so exhausted. Had a short hangover. I don’t like drinking dammit!!! I had lots of fun non-the-less. I also learned football too! My buddy XP explained the game to me- it was pretty cool! You learn something new everyday not to mention, if you don’t know the rules to the game, it’s stupid to watch because you’ll be confused.

I still won’t watch it on TV or get overly excited about it though. It’s just not my forte. I will probably not go next time because I don’t see any point on going. The atmosphere is crazy! The girls there are crazy too! My friend was crabbing girls left and right (lol). I’d imagine these girls can party just as hard as the boys!

On the way out, the losing team patrons were full of steam. One almost got his ass handed to him for swiping the hat off of another patron who was walking out. CRAZY. Man, I need more time for my own blog. New mandate: two blogs at least a week!