Ever needed to strap something down say 10ft long conduits or PVC piping and you have a short bed? You can strap it down near the end by the tail gate but thats all you can do. Now you have one end flopping up and down whilst you drive and it could fall out and cause an accident!

When I transport pipes of those sizes, I usually have the tailgate up and the pipes slid in on an angle resting on the tailgate. The rear is secured but if you don’t secure the other end that is slid in, you have the possibility of having the pipes fall out when you go over just a small grade or hump on the road.

I tried to tie it down both ends but the my anchor points are high near the edge of the bed. I needed something low near the bed so I purchased some anchors 2 years ago and just now installed them tonight. They work real well because they come with toggle bolts that help secure the anchors to the bed of the truck. Though I had to drill two holes of 1.125″ wide through fiberglass which was a pain- should of worn gloves! I used a Lenox bit. It took less than 5 seconds to drill through the .25″ thick fiberglass bed liner.

Here are some shots of the finished product. I used liquid nail adhesive to farther secure them onto the fiberglass surface. I torqued them by hand till I couldn’t turn them anymore. They fit snuggly.

This is the first I’ve every seen on my truck. I claim dibs.