I picked one up today used for a good price. Same price for the upgrade. I’m sure I’ll upgrade this compressor to a higher CFM rated pump soon. It’s a 60 gallon Campbell Hausfeld with a 5hp motor on there. It’s good for one person but you know me, I want more! I’ll order the pump with 18 CFM output rating soon! I’ll sell the original pump + my old compressor to compensate for the loss/gain. I still need to fix my small compressor that I tote around. It’s an oiled 1.5 gallon compressor.

My new compressor is so quiet compared to the oilless compressor I currently have. Plus it falls 30 gallons short of the new one I just purchased. I’ll take a photo once the rain cools a wee bit.

Here are the photos:

This is my new tank. It’s so too blue? Notice the crate it sits on? The crate is so nasty and broken down I “had” to build a new one– erg with wheels on it so I can roll it around in my tiny workshop.

This is the new platform it sits on. I kicked myself because I had wood lying around and didn’t take notice of them. Cut two good 2×4 stock because of it. Notice the casters I’m installing. They are softer rubber wheels than the black rubber ones. The harder plastic ones just seem to slide across the floor. These casters grip the floor that they rest on better.

This is the finished platform the compressor will rest on. It was a bitch getting it on by myself. I had to tilt one leg on and used it as a rotating axis to get the other two on. I used the same three nut-n-bolt to secure it down to boot!

Campbell Hausfeld Model: VT619503AJ 60 GALLON 5HP 240V 1PH