I had a dream last night. Maybe it was from eating too much candy or the plenty brain freezes from slurpees but the dream is of my late uncle, Bruce Butler. I guess it was a sign of some sort but in this dream, him and I were bank robbers and we were trying to get a way from the cops.

We were so Hollywood. We were dressed for the part, wearing cool disguises; savvy we weren’t. We got caught while walking to our car from a fast food chain. All I remember is, “Hey that’s the guy, lets get him”. So we were both booked. I gave him a high five when we were caught saying “Damn, that was pretty damn close”. I guess in a sense, showing my intentions of a person that survives and never gives up in the face of contradiction.

It was funny; I never saw him again throughout the dream. It made me tired. I think he came to me as a sign saying I better [get] and not give up. I got to get somewhere in life and not give up. It was a revelation for me. A sign from the other world. Contacting me, reaching out for me, touching me. My uncle was looking out for me from out of his grave.