My buddy wanted to make his exhaust sound a little quieter so we hacked his exhaust up to pieces. This exhaust is off of his 2003 Mitsubishi Evo Lancer. I did all the welding of course. Sucks having to transport my welder and tools from one city to another. That’s what buddies are for right?

A shot underneath his car when taking off the old exhaust.

Here is an original section of his exhaust:

Here is the complete piece welded together. As You can see, I welded on an extra resonator and also moved his original resonator farther down to accommodate the extra resonator. It was fun! Had a blast and wasted my three hours for food=)

Here is the resonator and an inside shot of how it looks like:

The not so cool part was that we had to use the hammer to bang the underside of his car to fit one of the O2 sensors. That was fun! I was taking out my frustrations on his car for giving me the opportunity to work on it so many O countless times! another is the DeWalt abrasive cut-off disk I purchased at Lowes- It wobbled like hell! Maybe a bad piece or I should have went to HD!