That is ridiculous for just a drain line for a kitchen sink. It’s actually believable because plumbers charge a lot of money for simple jobs a simpleton can accomplish with very little effort if he has common handyman skills and how-to. For example, a plumber came to my friends office to install a new flush valve in his leaky toilet and charged him 180USD for the service. Isn’t that silly? It’s a good price for someone that doesn’t know how to do it themselves=) For something that costs you a little under 20USD from HD; 180USD service charge is quite pricey.

Had the house built a few years back and the contractor was nice enough to put a drain in the back porch for me free of charge. We didn’t use it until now. Until now, I thought it would work once hooked up but apparently not! They never hooked it up to the main sewer line. Just had the fixtures installed on the wall. A photo will describe this!

You see how they hooked it up? The only logical explanation I can come up with is that if they had it hooked up, they would not be able to pass code. I could tell because it looked like they had it hooked up but had to remove it and the broken end was the result of it.

I fixed it by digging a small shallow trench and adding the proper fixtures and elbows. I didn’t care about the pitch nor did I care about the code. I, however, did put the proper p-trap in which wasn’t required but just for a safety measure. The sink is draining. Everything else is just gravy baby!

Note to self: sewer from house comes out as 3″ thin-walled pipe. HD does not sell thin-walled elbows and or fixtures- just the pipes. In order to mate regular thick-walled sch 40 3″ pipe to thin-walled piping, you must use reducers to go from thick to thin! Another note worthy of mentioning is that the reason why sewer rats and roaches are able to climb from pipe to toilet/sink/showere is because the 3″ sewer lines do not have any water in them if you do not flush or use the water. So it’s dry and thus allows those pesky critters to enter our homes. I saw it once. I roach emerged from my tub before.