Yeah, I got one! It was 5USD and fits everything I need to build and dismantle any computer with haste. I’ve probably built more than 50+ computers and during which, I have accumulated not only much knowledge but more hardware than I can store! So I cleaned up and organized a little today. Figured I needed a little tool box dedicated to my craft. And so off to Lowes I went! It took me a good 15mins to choose one. I found one just perfect! Cute little thing! Has just enough compartments for me to store all my stuff which really only includes a screw driver, zip ties, misc IDE cables, USB cables, and etc hardware. Task Force power!

Figured I’m always trying to find a screw to fit a CD-ROM or mount a Harddrive. This came together quite nicely. Not to mention how light it is. Do you see all my miscellaneous screws organized all neat and uber cool? It looks and feels and makes me work more [efficiently]. That’s KEY when you want to do a good job with minimal work.