This is kind of funny but whats up with wheel studs just breaking on ya? My buddy had a flat tire so I stopped on by and checked it out. Little did I know, he had broken all three studs trying to take them out to change the flat that he had. I was in for some fun!!! I think the reason why it broke was because it’s old and most importantly, it gets over-torqued.

So I drove him around town getting all five new studs, a portable jack, and his compressor. We needed the compressor to seat the new studs. Over-torque the hell out of it and loosen the lugs and re-torque them to spec. I did all the work of course. If I had let him do it, It would have taken the whole day. Took me a little over 30mins to do it. God this makes me want to get a small portable compressor- not just for those flat tires but for the “WTF just happened, I need a compressor” moments.

In the end, we went to Wing House and drank up! The girl that was waiting on our table was a little naughty (lol). I was getting ready to pour the beer and she was like, “hunie, let me do that for you- eer it’s what I’m good at”. Witty person that I am, I replied, “what else are you, ummm good at sugar”. She also said, “you guys are not here for the wings okay”. We joked… It was fun.. She was frank. Oh yeah, my buddy said, “I love you bro! Don’t know what wtf I would do without your help”… Hahaha I can’t say how many times I’ve heard that… All my boyfriends say that to be- I’m always there for them when shit hits the fan. Shit, my girlfriends say that too hahaha. I’m loved by many but sweetly loved by one girl lalalala. I’m Cau7 BITCH!