I swear there are a lot of ignorant drivers out there. I read his lips and he said something to the extent of “You Fucking Asshole” etc bla bla bla. Why may you ask? Because he’s a jack-ass no good for nothing ignorant son-of-a-bitch! He thinks I should give him right-of-way just because he’s been sitting for 30 seconds trying to turn left.

First of all, you have to realize this is a two lane and second, I’m in more danger stopping and turning simply because it’s a two lane road! Not to mention the traffic that I’ll be hold up just to make the turn! I don’t like to be held up when people turn and I’m sure others don’t either. So you try if all possible, when making a turn like I am, to not completely stop unless it’s necessary. We’ve all been in this situation. Hell what makes it ironic is I’ve been in that guys shoes (the yellow car) before. Trying to make a left onto on-coming traffic. I get help up too when someone needs to turn in. Sometimes I’m sitting like him for a good minute but you don’t see me flicking people off and calling people names! Seriously, … WTF?

BTW I’m the dark blue car trying to turn-in into a shopping plaza. Jackass is the yellow car. He needs a chill pill dammit. I see drivers like him ALL the time! Getting mad for no apparent reason(s). When I’m on the road, I let shit like this “SLIDE” just because’. You never know what kinda phsyco you’ll meet head-to-head with. You could lose a life over something just as stupid if not even damn retarded like this. Cut me off? Flick me off? Honk at me for no reason? Let it slide! Not worth it! Only time I honk is when I’m almost to the point of being ran over or to let someone know they can come into my lane followed with a courteous wave of the hand of course.