You know how when you are at a four way crossing and if you see a someone crossing the street, you kindly wave or give them the nod as to say “go ahead, you may pass” gesture. I know down-town life isn’t the safest but this is the first incident it has ever happened to me. I had my two nephews and niece with me and thank god I always lock the door when I’m in the car. Anywho, I gave her the nod to let her cross but she mistaken my kind gesture and interpreted it as a “come ‘hither”. So she came to the passenger door and tried to open it and I was freak’n out!

Man, she must do this on a regular bases. I don’t have money for pussy let alone pay for it. Shitttt. I don’t know what the hell she was thinking but I’m not up for coodies. So as soon as she noticed she couldn’t open the door, she looked at me funny and I was saying “NO, NO”. She had a beer in her paper bag I think and so she nodded at me and walked away. That was scary! Should I wipe my door handle down? (LOL)