It took a crap. New battery is 18USD + shipping.. |grin| New unit is 30USD. |laughs| I think I’ll stick a high end battery in it (free of course). I’ll be able to run my system longer once the power craps out too. Just this week alone, I’ve had a power-outage lasting more than 3hours + the electricity keeps on crapping out and powering back on. Same goes for my computer too- I hate turning off the PC like that!

I took off the silver sticker APC had stuck on there. Came to my surprise the battery was made in VN. WOW! That’s awesome though I cringe at the thought of how many people get sick from producing just one battery. I haven’t had a battery crap out on me so damn soon. This is disappointing. Can I say shit happens? I guess- just on this one instance.