Accept lovers the way that they are or accept them no more than you do bitter fruits. I for one, accept everything- just not the things that are nagging me. What I want is what I want; I don’t have it, I’ll not accept it no less. I do see beyond the trails where two people would unite, it’s not that I don’t see the broader picture. It’s just other things make it complicated. I’m a complicating person. Where as you see an apple tree, I see the roots and how far it’s dug itself under. Where as you see beautiful skies, I see pictures plastered all over the world. I’m not common folk and I don’t necessarily think in a common and stereotypical manner. I’m complicated. You wouldn’t understand. Don’t expect anyone to understand.

To want another so dearly and not have them is okay? That’s flaky- only I can be flaky and so blunt. To Have a someone just as blunt and carefree like you doesn’t help. Where’s the love. I ask thee, where’s the LOVE? I’m fine by myself. I don’t need anyone.