I have a 30 gal Coleman compressor pn#: 1583009. At other sites, I read that this model has a 5.5hp motor- maybe at peak. That’s a bunch of horse manure. It’s rated at 1.5hr- written on the darn tank itself! Anywho, it’s too loud and annoying. I don’t want to invest in another tank because it’s useless- it will cost just as much as this upgrade will cost me. Well, this upgrade won’t cost me a lot because I already have spares all over the garage. A new 5hp motor would run 300 plus + compressor pump @ 200.

The only thing confusing me of this matter is the magnetic power switch(MPS). This turns on the motor to power the compressor pump via an air pressure switch (APS) set at a predetermined pressure. There are a lot of MPS around- ebay, grainger.com just to name a few but I can’t find or just am confused about which one I need? The one I currently have is a Siemens Energy & Automation pn# 5530215 and it’s pictured below


When Looking at it, it’s one whole unit: (MPS) + (APS) together in one unit. The APS relays signal to the MPS to turn on when the pressure is below the predetermined PSI. My thought on this is that it’s a factory unit so to save space and money, Coleman used the Siemens unit. I know where to order the APS and the MPS. So the APS unit that I’ll be purchasing, has the pressure sensor in there and will kick on and send a signal to the MPS to turn on the motor. That makes a whole lot more sense because I was asking around for a MPS with an air inlet like the one I have on my Coleman.




I’m thinking the APS can be reused because it’s mechanical and I can probably hook it up to the new MPS I’ll be purchasing. If you look at the APS (the one attached to the black tubing), it’s essentially an enclosed box with a diaphragm inside to push on a mechancal switch to make the MPS make electrical contact and thus switching the motor on! Yippie! I think this project is doable. I can move this tank around and abroad if need be (with an additional 100lbs added +/-).