I was doing my oil change today and I had all the materials needed. I usually buy things in threes. Three bottles of oil, filters, pooh paper, rubbing alcohol, etc. So I’m good for three oil changes but I was on my last one so I got to go shopping again! Anywho, I share the same filter as the Lexus IS300 and lets just say I ordered a lot of these filters. Fram of course. I’ll use Motor Craft or Purolator filters too so it’s all good.

Anywho, I had two Purolator filters for my old Ford Ranger sitting around and I’m like “it’s bigger and it’s got to filter more since it’s bigger” so I used it instead. Works out well. Quite peachy too! I used Camero filters for my Mazda Mx6. Those filters made the OEM Mazda filters look puny. It worked better too! Couldn’t complain. So I’m implying and exercising the same theory on my Tacoma. “Should work!” I’ll see within 3 more months. My used oils come out pretty clean anywho. No worries here! I’m going to require a photo tomorrow but it’s too dark at night for one now!

Edit: Photo Taken. See how ginormous this filter is? It’s twice the length of the old filter.