I’ve been waiting for this domain forever! Ever since I got ratespc.net (Jan. 2005) it never broke ground on all the sweet plans I had for it when *.com wasn’t available. *.net isn’t that attractive and I was afraid that if I did start using it, people will mistakenly go to *.com instead of *.net. So I waited and waited and finally came upon this domain again because my buddies required a website that they can access to upload their misc. files and be able to grab them whenever they needed them in school. So it reminded me of ratespc.net which I still retained and so I did a quick check-up on the *.com extension hoping it would now be available! It is now and it’s all MINE MINE MINE! Yippie!

I’m using the same script as when I started with *.net but now I guess the author updated his script but with errors still. It’s okay, I’ll have my coders take a good whack at it to iron out all the rough edges. Not to mention I’m running php5 so that will complicate things a little since the script was written in php4. I simply can’t wait. I’m so SO excited! Good things come to those who wait… Not so frequent but it does happen sometimes. Today it did=)

This domain is dedicated only to Saint Petersburg College (SPC) for now. Baby steps for starters and we’ll see where this leads I to. I do visit ratemyprofessors.com sometimes but it’s not exactly a free service plus it’s not focused on SPC solely. I want SPC to stand out a bit plus I believe this website will hep a lot of students out. I know for sure I could have sold all my books for cheap… Ironically, the bookstore would purchase my books back but at a shitty rate. If I had a choice, I would rather sell my books to another student at a shitty rate than rather have the bookstore purchase mine and “resell” it at a higher rate to the same student I could of been “heaven” to. It’s logic – students – helping – students. Do you know how efficient it is to resell your books to another student? Easy! Just exchange numbers and meet at the school library for example!

I also want this to be an atmosphere for free speech. Rate your professors on their teaching skills and demeanor. This would also serve as a grounds for improvement on the professors part if they cared enough. This isn’t a saloon so I would want all students to act professionally and have no shame leaving an honest opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion whether it be asked or not. All students applying for an account will follow the strict username scheme: firstnameLastnameinitial and vice versa. For example: Jane Doe would apply for an account under the following schemes: JaneD and or DoeJ.

I think I want to integrate a blog system on here too. Maybe it will relieve some tension or may be a cool way to express and share ideas between other students. Who knows, the sky is the limit.