I’m helping my buddy swap a Honda Prelude motor (h22 OBDI) into his Honda Civic (1994 DX Hatch I believe). I convinced him to go buy a crane all the while saying to myself “I know who to ask when I need a motor crane muahahahah”. I’m evil and loving it! Anywho, his civic is a mess. Some ghetto and some half-assed. Pretty VC if you asked me. The crane made the job so much much easier. His idea was pretty lame (doing the swap that is). He wanted to use a jack to lower and lift the engine and transmission in place. I told him I don’t want to crawl around like bitches so made him get the crane. He was talking about some stupid idea of dropping the car onto the motor. Good idea if you had couple of jacks and some way to shimmy the engine/trans around so you can align things up (especially the motor mounts). I’ve seen it done before on some TV show but I digress… TV and VC is totally different in style. You still get there at the end but as a result, there is an easy way and a hard way. Hard way shouldn’t be connected to stupidity although it almost always seems like it.

Anywho, I took a plethora of photos and I don’t know how the hell i’m going to post them! I know the before and after photos are most important because the show drastic change. That day was a little hectic for me too. I had to watch my nephew (I enjoy watching my little boogers) but that meant bringing him along. He was a good kid. Played and asked a lot of questions until you go sick of it.

H22 OBDI when shipped: Engine and Transmission were still intact.

Before The Swap:

Taking The Engine & Transmission Out As One Unit:

This is my buddy Hieu. H needs to cut his damn hair!

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