How have we been? Stretched out days on end without the breath to catch
nor the light to see because without your love siding mine foresighted such
delirium hath’ taken place in this wretched world. I need your warmth, I need
your breath.

How has’th you’ve gone in seconds but the penal sum lingers in my head like
the rapping on my door- rapping tapping at my hearts edge. I’ve been seen
you days ago but my laborsome trek has far outgrown the fruitful nectar of
your divine touch. I need more of it, I need lots of it, I simply cannot go on
with the thought of knowing you are near.

My love, my darling love. Hither’ hasn’t not linger for a souls outreach to be
twined like slivers of gold and knowing how bold I’ve been yet I wrap around
your very slender fingers like yard be spun; like gold be mated. I have not
had one nights sleep for I cannot sleep without you. Far away I am but so
in-need of you I cannot deny. You are the many facets I conjure up to keep
company, myself, nights without sleep: for every full moon I see, I see your
beauty that contours the menacing pits and that I am in an ecstatic reverie
for the beauty and every tangents the gray clouds would throw at it.