This must be the coolest gift ever! I like it a lot that everyone envies them. They are blue pens wrapped in green tape (the kind that florists use for their own creations). It’s so snazzy. When you place them in an accessory holder, people mistaken them for ornaments and instead, try to find another pen in favor of the pretty flowers that are blocking their view of any usable pens. Little do they know that the ‘ornaments of beauty’ are actually functional. Tricksy isn’t it? Could add a dash of excitement to anyone’s office. It certainly brings some life unto mine most definitely!

Honestly, I do like these little gifts more than I do with the other kinds of gifts you can purchase. These types of gifts are reserved only for friends of non-regrettable caliber. I happen to be such a special friend to her- makes me smile when I come to think of it. I’m assuming I’m special because she fed me good! Nothing was spared of less accommodations.

I was over Mimi’s place turn morning? We had moved a computer desk from her old residence into her new one. It wasn’t very sound and safe because it had sharp edges and was very flimsy. I made a date, fixed the problem with a nice piece of melamine board. It was a success! Took me 32min because of my awesome handyman skills! I got to go see her again because I forgot my sweater at her place. Kudos!