There are a lot of reasons why I’m still without company. I just spoked to my girlfriend and expressed another reason why I’m still solo. It is accommodations or the act of being accommodating to someone you have interest in. I will not accommodate anyone that I have interest in. Without the knowledge of knowing that the relationship will bloom from a grain of sand to pathway made for two, I simply won’t lower myself into such an act of foolishness.

I have seen amany done so and have failed miserably- embarrassed, hurt, and someone’s fool. Why? Why must I lower myself to something I consider shameful? I believe it’s shameful and degrading to follow a woman around and be her lab dog just for formal acceptance- if any were to be considered. There are a few that have been successful in courting their mate using this process. Kudos to them, no?

If the person had actual interest in you then I would say go for it! Be each other’s fools and love it! Enjoy it! Embrace it! However, I do accommodate my family and friends unless something were to go awry but that doesn’t apparently occur in any sense- fashionable or not; I like to see people smile. When you put someone on the pedestal, you are taken advantage of, misused and reused, and finally, taken for granted. When you give someone power over you, they become pushy.

I’m a wall. Pushy and bossy women meet the wall when they get a chance to know me=) That doesn’t increase my chances of courting any ‘one’ thing none-the-less, I’m very content and am my own floating island of infinite happiness. By all means, it should be mutual. I am like so because I don’t like the fact that women or men should get the upper hand against each other. That’s no way to treat one another.

I’ve seen my girlfriends whom were so very much committed and submissive to their mate’s every whims and needs that they forgot themselves. They too, were once beautiful swans but that all changed… for a short period of time that was…, until the ‘big bang’ occurred, or so what I call it. So now the tides turned and you have the guy melting in on the palms of the once submissive girlfriend. What is with this? Is this an Olympic event passing on the reigns of power and control?

That is why I like to start any kind of relationship on an equal plane. equal for both parties and I would like it to stay that way. Why can’t we have equality amongst male and females? Because this is the real world and not the box I live in!