I had a lot of fun going to a piano recital. This was a little different though because it was a duet. Husband and wife duet that is of Chinese descent. Overall, the experience was a good one. I’ve heard of better performances but than again, perhaps my taste for music is a little too demanding. I usually like classical music with a “thump” and a “bang”. I couldn’t remember for the life of me the recital I’ve been to that had me enthralled. The piece I liked best was Swan Lake.

You can some what make out the background. We were trying to take a photo with the piano being in the back but it didn’t work quite well. It was Miss Mimi’s fault. She had shaky hands and didn’t have her daily dose of caffeine. What’s up with my hair?

This was a little dangerous. Again, with Mimi holding the camera. I was driving at the very moment. She took a whole bunch of shots but this one turned out the greatest!

Stradivarius’ Violin. Over 300yrs old. Worth over 3million dollars. My professor has one worth 1million but it’s not a Stradivarius made. It only took him three years to attain it?