I forgot who it was that I was listening to but it was the program aired 6pm-9PM M-F so I’m assuming it was Sean Hannity (the host). I’ll make corrections once I find them. Funny how I thought this was so important that I actually jotted down notes. Knew the network, knew what he said but forgot the darn host’s name.Anywho, I’m quite disturbed on what the host said that evening. He was talking about having the rights to destroy your own life if you wanted to and that it was in your full unrestrained rights to exercise so. Incidentally, he inadvertently jumped to the topic of organs and how he would like to sell them. What the hell is the host smoking? He said that if it were possible, and I paraphrase, “I have two kidneys, I can sell one”. This guy is full of manure that night. “More organs available.” Damn Straight it would be more but at what cost?

I’m sure if it were legalized, people wouldn’t be on long lists for organ donors and that it would save a lot of lives but have you ever thought of the possibility of people making a business out of this? Look on the bright side, a dead body is worth 200k because of all the “parts” that can be salvaged to sell (oops save) to the ones needing them. In America, we had a few ghouls that actually stole and forged death certificates to have rights to “harvest” and profit from it. They were caught of course. I can’t remember the person but he was a multi-millionaire because of it (lived in California). Guess where he worked at? A funeral home=) Need an organ but found out after transplant that it was cancerous or diseased? The ghouls don’t care about quality, only quantity.

Just think, you are a healthy man or woman walking down the Las Vegas strip. Someone pulls you in a corner and sedates you. Puts you on ice, takes a kidney or two, a heart or three, and maybe a few eyeballs and some veins. Sews you up, throws you on ice again and you are left to die a slow painful death- it has happened. That is what I think shall happen if you can legally sell your organs. It’s not the same as selling one of your testicles for research for a whopping 75k- that’s a different story. Here is an interesting read: google search