As I lie and watched the last episode of “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, I was a little sad that it was ending (or so I’m lead to believe). The last episode (I believed it was or close to it) showed the family selling the house and moving up state. It was a sad episode. I felt it was apart of me too- the house that was, that held all the sweet and quirky memories of the Bank’s family.

I wonder to myself, “when shall I move out?,” but of course, I don’t think I’ll have that opportunity. As i have lived and grown over here in the US for more than a decade, culture is quite different here. I can relate to this vast assembly of varied intertwining of build-up and separation of bonds within these blue skies of ever changing theme. Though as much as I would like to adopt it, I cannot.

Family is a very large “chunk” of my daily life. I can’t imagine moving out unless it’s either conflicting with education, business, and unions. Than again, even if I was presented with all three possibilities, I do not think there will be realm of possibilities for my choosing. I simply do not have the luxury. Maybe it is how I was taught and raised or maybe it’s the filial duty I have towards my family.

Everyone in my family looks up to me. They expect more & see me as the strength of this family for I’m stone shattered into all four corners of wind, earth, fire, and water; pebbles that interlay the foundation of roads meandering throughout the veins of this living hive. I would live up to this expectation. After all, I am only one man.