I built another shelf in my one car garage. I was tired of having things lying on the floor. I needed space to walk and tripping on things is not what I’m looking forward to. Especially when you are carrying something normongous and you can’t quite see where you are stepping.

As you can see below, my garage is very messy. I have a lot of *shit* lying every where! The first four photos show that nicely. I built it myself so aligning the support beams was a little tricky but I’ve built a few of these to know what to do. It was a job well done! I actually have room to roam around! All I need to do now is to install my table saw. I did it within the last moment of things and I’ll save that for another day. Just so you know, I wasn’t very happy with the Chinese made Ryobi Table saw. I think the space I have left over could be had with a nice little table or work bench + (another table saw).

On a side note, I didn’t use particle board this time for the shelves. I used pressed layers of lumber 5/8 thick. They were just as expensive as particle board in my book! In actuality, they were 1USD cheaper but a lot lighter than MDF (particle board). I chose it because it was more accessible and purchasing the MDF meant getting help from the HD team to bring a crane to get to them. I find that the material I purchased works quite well!