I’m sick as a dog. This has been the first that I have actually lost my voice. I was down for a week because I felt so terrible. I wish sometimes I can do what Jimmy Neutron did: shrink down to a germ size coodie and go battle the coodies that have afflicted me this terrible cold. Yesh- I watch Jimmy Neutron=) My friend’s name is JIMBOB as well=)

Anywho- my sister asked me to do her window treatment now that the blinds have come in via Home Depot special order. The blinds are beautiful. Installing them was pretty easy too! I do have a few complaints though… The company that we ordered it from, cut some of the blinds a little shorter than I had asked. There had to be shims installed and that created more work than I had anticipated.

The valances that came with each blind set were a little shy for fitment. It was the actually size of the rail blinds but the company didn’t take into account that the window widths are varying sizes and by covering only the rail width, this leaves the shims exposed ultimately creating an eye sore.

I will call the company this week to see if they can make amends. If not, I’ll go complain to