Okay, I finally trapped the little rascal whose been running around my whole neighborhood causing such havoc under people’s homes! I heard one neighbor had holes running from one side of the house to the next! I’m sure it was this armadillo! I did the whole community good by catching this critter! Well, okay… the trapper caught it but I want some credit too- I checked the trap everyday if that counts for anything!

This critter doesn’t look as mean as the possum I caught the other day! I’m just glad its done with! I was worried of future infestations that I went around my yard trimming all the hedges at least 8 inches from the foundation/wall of my house. I’ll need to do it to the side where the trap resides on because I left it for last. I have to admit, my bushes look way cleaner than usual not to mention all the bugs that were in the thickets when they were full!

I’ve left a few photos. It’s pretty interesting how the trapper set it up. You can see that there are two boards running from my neighbor’s house and mine. The board purposively directs the critter into the trap so that it would be easy to catch. They would follow the boards and step right into the trap! Its ironic but if I was caught, I would lose my apatite: this critter didn’t because the bait was licked clean!