I have two long rows of hedge on the sides of my house and my neighbor knocked on my house the other morning telling me of surprising news: I have a possum digging underneath my house! I didn’t notice such because I’m usually not paying attention until the hedges need tending. I was a little freaked out so I called a local trapper. He caught it and release somewhere far, far away.

I would have caught it myself but I don’t want to buy the trap and having to keep it too. I caught a cat in an attic once using the same style trap the trapper used. I had rented that trap but I don’t know where to rent one around my town. Plus, it was inexpensive to call the trapper out.

My friend walks up to me and says, “lets eat it”! Knowing that he’s only joking=) Its a feisty little critter I would say the least. To say its docile would be an understatement! This thing packs a punch with lots of sharp, sharp razor teeth. I wouldn’t want to get bitten by it.