So my truck starts shaking really bad. I had an idea of what was wrong with it so I called my brother to confirm and chit-chat a bit. Well, it turned out to be what I originally thought it would be: misfire in one of the 6 cylinders. I took them all out and checked for gap distance and looked for any signs of wear. The results came back pretty clean but the spark plug wires were in “okay” condition.

So I took a drive to the nearby auto distributors and purchased a set of new wires. During my drive there, I was very hesitant and was saying to myself, “man, here goes another 150USD into the truck for some darn wires” but to my surprise, it was only 30USD. My jaw litterally dropped onto the counter when I heard the tech said it was only 30USD. Unbelievable I say! Thank god I own a Ford. I do have a Mazda too but thats a rather,.. lengthly matter.

Anyhow, the reason I needed new wires was that the metal jacket inside the spark plug insulator broke off causing cylinder #6 to misfire! The last photo shows details of this evidently! Ford Ranger Spark Plug Wires