Okay,.. this morning really sucked. I had to go retain a registration tag for my truck and the funny thing is, I had paid a month ahead via snail mail. It was never sent or perhaps it was lost during its transaction here to my home.

My ticket #C433- I had to wait forever. They had #A-#7 but had only one person helping all the #C’s. Needless to say, it was very slow and tiresome. I did this last year via mail as well and everything went smooth. Registration was sent on time and wasn’t lost- I don’t know what happened this year. O well. I will still continue to renew over mail because stuff happens and it’s out of my hands.

On the bright side, I had lunch at Chic-Fil-A. Now they have a lady catering to the customers within- new trend I guess? I never gave a tip at a fast-food restaurant before. I did that day- I was the only one that gave a tip=) She was super nice plus her smile made my day. I think she was in her mid 30’s.