Well, I was invited to a birthday party on a Thursday and the party commenced on a Friday. I could not make it but I wanted to help out by helping to setup the the party in anyways possible. At the currenty moment, I was attending another party which was planned well over two weeks. The party was supposed to last for quite sometime.

So… I had an excuse to sneak over to help with the preparations for one of my coolest girlfriends birthday. I had expected to be there well before the two birthday girls showed up and disappear within the shadows without any notice. Well it turned out I was there and they showed up:( I wanted this job to be an in/out thing and sneak back to my other party.

It worked out well I guess. My friend called me and said his party ended abruptly because his girlfriend got really mad and a tad bit too touchy because his cousin was poking fun at her. It was only a game they were playing but apparently she just went a little crazy taking his accusations as offensive ploys against her. So than, I guess I had no other party to go to. I had expected to stay over his pace for the night because he had a huge cookout and lots of liquor? Of course, I did not drink any because I wanted to sneak away and return later on.

So I just stayed at the party I was helping to setup for. Turned out great I was having a great time. Too bad my friend’s girlfriend was a party pooper. It is good that I stayed because I picked up my gift that I had left there during the Christmas of 05′. Lets have another party and this time, I’ll make sure she’s not too antzy or pissy=)