I am, for most part, very unemotional. It’s true. I’m unemotional towards everything and everyone. The ones that I actually have at heart feel my warmth tremendously. Like a furnace on a cold blizzard night, I am it. I feel that I’m indifferent and cold at all times but that does not necessarily convey my absolute state towards everything.

She says I’m unemotional and that is why she shall not consider me. True fact- she is right. I shall have no one pick me like a fruit basking in the sun at the market. I am not compared to a fruit nor am I one up for consideration from the masses. I hold high above where it’s low. I shall not be construed as a man without passion because I’m a blossom only needing little coaxing for full bloom. That which she shall not find out for she opens to me not!

To have her think that of me is very inconsiderate considering how I’m a shadow during the day and wind during the night. I’m as light as a thought yet mean so little. How will she ever find out if she, herself, does not embrace me? So choosing, I’m not important nor doe she care for me as a friend, to have second thoughts.

I ask of nothing from her. She refuses, denies and revokes me but still I press on as a loyal friend and care for nothing else than her embrace as a fellow friend. Being a friend to her is an up hill climb or so she makes it that way. She tends to make things complex rather than looking at the facts and blessing them. My friendship comes with no intention in hopes of escalating our friendship to more intimate planes.

I’m passionate about her. She once said she was intimidated and afraid of me. Why? Magical powers I assume. I’m only a plain man with plain powers- the power to associate, create, and love fervently. It seems she builds walls around herself because she is afraid. Fortified and lost. The veil is her phone. Passion seems to travel from her phone to mine like an aroma that makes your thoughts sizzle with intellect. It feels as though she is a different person while on the phone. She expresses her self and falters like anyone else. She is afraid to show
passion face to face for she is afraid of my starring into her heart.

I conclude that I’m unemotional but never to her. It seems that I am but only because she revokes me and is afraid of what might proceed next. Why be afraid of me and drift farther from this? You’ll find me in the same spot you have left me.