Generally speaking, to have someone at heart is to look after that person’s good interest at all times. I would have to admit, you can’t hold the particular person’s hand through everything in life but that is not what I’m trying to get across.

To be a friend and I dont mean “hi-bye” ones either but true good friends means to look after that person’s interest. Literally speaking everyone is looking out for themselves and we do this naturally. Once this has been accomplished, you should have the common courtesy to look after your friend or many friends.

For example, taking someone else’s slack when you know they are not able. Or taking notice that someone needs a certain something and you go out of your way to get it for them when you know darn well they are not capable of doing so themselves. Doing things you necessarily don’t need to do but you do so because you are friends and friends sometimes rely on others.

Well seeing as how I’ve explained all that, I’d like to say that I have not experienced any kind of oldfashion friendship from a particular person. Not that I request or demand of it but It would be nice sometimes to
feel that you are actually placed at heart by that person. In other words, to know that you actually mean something to that person instead of them just brushing you off.

I know, why still friends with this person? Well I believe everyone deserves chances (if many) to prove me wrong. I hold this person very dear at heart. But she seems to lack the rebound? It’s okay! I have faith in her. I’m very forgiving though I have left her alone for most part because she seems to be uninterested in me as a friend (if we are even friends at all I feel).