I’m away for the weekend here in Palm Beach. Had to be counseled for miscellaneous reasons. Four hour to and another four back. How exciting! It was the only time I actually had time to “listen”, I mean, REALLY listen to my jazz and classical music. Yo Yo Ma seems to frequent the classical station more and more lately.

I really like Yo Yo Ma- a great cellist and artist. You probably know of his music in the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The piece you are most familiar with is probably The Eternal Vow. I feel so weak emotionally when I listen to Yo Yo Ma. There is so much passion that affliction has little meaning to me. So soothing yet so suicidal. So
grand yet mystifying.

I feel as though my soul plays the same rhythm and beckons for answersfrom sources not so willing. The piece has an uncanny and irresistible connotation provoked by the title and answered in riddles by the tunes. I’m in love with the.