It’s funny how life chides us at the moment we are most feeble. I felt that urge to just let go.., and I did quite so unwillingly. I do not know how to start nor do I know how to finish *thoughts*.

Beautiful had interest in someone or thought someone was “hot”. Of course, I supported her and urged her to speak to him. I know for most part, anyone with common caliber would have been sad and felt a little angry. I know of many kinds that justify this well. I don’t blame someone for feeling all is lost and nothing will come of it. For matter of fact, I have apathy for those that are selfish and inconsiderate of such matters.

Likewise, I do not know why I was so supportive of her and can only imagine what she would have felt if I wasn’t. She needs no acknowledgement nor does she need rights to lust for others she feels compelled and or attracted to. It’s only natural for someone to define and refine their tunes to someone with rhythm.

We got to talking and she asked I, If I had still so desired her… Of course it’s obvious I still lust with fiery for fairies without questions. I don’t remember the exact phrases that we both had exchanged but I know she was sad she can not give forth what I had desired.

She should not feel sad for me but feel thrilled to find someone attractive to her. Be sad without reason is with reasons conjured from your soul is beautiful. Who shall be sad for you when you are without light? No one will, so you must take stand and be sad for no one. Step on (quite a few) toes and voice your thoughts freely, for not doing so, you will be cornered and flanked by your hind quarters. Lust (added) with pressure- I’m immune, are you?

I see that speckle of happiness within her and I am enamored. To be appointed to such charm is well worth my own happiness. I do not see such true happiness in a lot of people whom I meet during my drift. If she is happy than I shall be happy for her. My emotions towards her is like a light switch. She requests that we are ONLY friends and so I accept it; however, my desire, encapsulated within it’s own bubble, for her can not be turned off.